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Photo of Anthony F. Sansone, Sr.

Anthony F. Sansone, Sr.

Principal, Chairman and CEO


Photo of Sharon A. Litteken

Sharon A. Litteken

Executive Vice President
Photo of Matthew Barry

Matthew Barry

Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Scott Savacool, CCIM, SIOR

Scott Savacool, CCIM, SIOR

Director of Operations
Photo of Dawn M. Owens

Dawn M. Owens

Director of Accounting/Human Resources
Photo of Kathleen Mulkern

Kathleen Mulkern

Regional Director, Florida
Photo of Mike Driver

Mike Driver

Director of Development
Photo of Kathy Kleiman

Kathy Kleiman

Senior Director of Residential Properties
Photo of Gina Danko

Gina Danko

Director of Residential Operations
Photo of Gretchen Swenson

Gretchen Swenson

Regional Manager - Residential
Photo of Dee Haynes

Dee Haynes

Regional Manager - Residential
Photo of Shanna Taylor

Shanna Taylor

Regional Manager - Residential
Photo of Samantha Gauch

Samantha Gauch

Director of Commercial Property Management
Photo of Angie Ritz

Angie Ritz


Brokerage - Retail

Photo of Timothy J. Cherre, CRX, CLS

Timothy J. Cherre, CRX, CLS

Sr. Executive Director - Retail Leasing & Sales
Photo of Grant Mechlin, CCIM

Grant Mechlin, CCIM

Managing Director - Retail Services
Photo of Mark Kornfeld

Mark Kornfeld

Managing Director - Retail Services
Photo of Tim McFarland

Tim McFarland

Associate Retail

Brokerage - Office

Photo of Tom Bajardi, CCIM, SIOR

Tom Bajardi, CCIM, SIOR

Office Brokerage
Photo of Brandon Wappelhorst, CCIM

Brandon Wappelhorst, CCIM

Office Brokerage
Photo of Nick Fiquette

Nick Fiquette

Office Brokerage

Brokerage - Industrial / Agriculture

Photo of Vincent J. Bajardi, CCIM

Vincent J. Bajardi, CCIM

Executive Director - Industrial Services
Photo of Jake Corrigan

Jake Corrigan

Industrial Brokerage
Photo of Ron "Rhino" Janes

Ron "Rhino" Janes

Associate - Agricultural / Recreational Land Investments