William L. Clay Leisure Living


William L. Clay Leisure Living is a 3 story building located in the West End that caters towards the elderly community. People’s Health & Housing Services and People’s Health & Supportive Services for Disabled are subsidized, low rent apartments for the elderly and disabled. There are 60 apartments dedicated to elderly and 18 designated to disabled individuals. The property offers one, two, and three bedroom apartments. William L. Clay Leisure Living also includes one story garden apartments for disabled individuals, located near University City off Delmar. There is a base age requirement of 62 or individuals who are disabled are welcome as well. Handicap accessible apartments are available. Monthly rent is based on the renter’s income.

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Property Type

Elderly, Persons with Disabilities



Street Address

5623 Clemens
St. Louis, Missouri 63112


78 Units


(314) 454-9073


(314) 454-6589

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