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Christine Kasman

Director of Marketing & Communications


Chris oversees the marketing department at Sansone Group. Together they build the Sansone Group image and brand and provide a full-service marketing department for every property, partnership, and project. Her intuitive, forward-thinking approach to maintaining the promotion of multiple business sectors, including development, brokerage, and property management, and collaborating and working closely with photographers, printers, and outside partners, is invaluable to Sansone Group and the overall brand. Chris ensures all Sansone Group entities and services maintain a prestigious, modern, and visually appealing relevancy in the continually evolving world of commercial real estate.

Chris brings over 20 years of marketing experience to the Sansone Group. She’s led effective marketing and advertising campaigns for a wide range of clients, including consumer brands, residential real estate, healthcare, and niche products. Chris is a member of St. Peter Parish and volunteers for youth sports, American Red Cross, and Equine Therapy programs. Cheering for Notre Dame Football, youth soccer, and high school lacrosse fills the rest of her time.

Sansone Group Associate since 2020