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Kimberly Vaughn

Project Manager Acquisitions


Ms. Vaughn helps perform contract management, due diligence operations and closing on purchase, financing and ownership entity documentation within Sansone Group. Kim and her team have over 60 combined years of experience in various roles within our company, there is seldom an area that they have not been involved with for an acquisition/development deal.

Ms Vaughn is currently responsible for contract management, due diligence and ownership entity documentation for closings. She is meticulous in her contract review process to assure key dates are not missed and buyer is protected. Upon completion of a development, Ms.Vaughn transitions the property to Sansone Group’s asset management group with complete detailed files and history for a seamless transition. Her team remains involved in the overview of the property performance and once it is time to sell they coordinate the sale of the property. Kim and her team bring a wealth of knowledge regarding the purchase and sale of properties.