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A Strategic Path to Healthcare Real Estate

We have dedicated and crafted our 63 years of experience and business philosophy into an originative approach to strategically work with healthcare providers.

We believe the best way to work with healthcare leaders is to fully understand the healthcare organization’s entire strategy; not just the real estate, but the reason behind a decision, be it a new service line or a change in capital strategy.

It is for this reason, we have chosen previous healthcare executives to run the healthcare division and not just real estate brokers. Our National Director and multiple contracted thought leaders have several years of C-Suite level healthcare organization experience. We, like many other real estate development organizations, have vast experience in real estate and brokerage. However, not many can say their healthcare service line is directed by individuals that have successfully ran multimillion-dollar healthcare organizations. We understand the transformations you are going through. We know the challenges when it comes to moving from a predominantly Fee-For-Service payment structure to a Risk-Based methodology and how these issues impact your real estate and capital expenditure decisions. We know how to bring your healthcare vision to life.

We Can Help

When you choose to partner with Sansone Group you will immediately recognize a significant difference in the relationship. We will take the time to listen and understand fully your entire strategy and we know the right questions to ask to ensure every project is crafted and right sized to meet your full strategy and your exact needs. This belief, in a true partnership that is also consultative in nature, may often result in Sansone Group recommending action plans that do not include us and we will never try to convince our partners to build something bigger without a clear and data-driven reason that is in the best interest of your organization. Our approach is to be the long-term collaborator for every healthcare organization that chooses Sansone Group.

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